What is a Rally?

Voyaging in tandem offers a protective cover similar to the caravans of old where groups of merchants, pilgrims and travelers journeyed together, usually for mutual protection, in deserts and other hostile environments. Today's caravans are not linked physically by tethers and nose rings, but rather electronically via satellite navigation and SSB radio waves. These modern day rally organizers choose the optimum season and safest routes for their wards. They also tame the vagaries of bureaucratic red tape and often lobby local tourist boards and merchant associations to roll out the red carpet.


A Sailing Rally

The rally organizers provide the itinerary that spurs timely whittling of boat chore lists. The safety inspections and radio nets are a comfort to many. The auspices of the rally ignite and foster the camaraderie that is the true miracle and longest lasting prize of the offshore sailing experience.


If circumstances ever allow, or self determination takes over, the rewards of participation in a rally-sanctioned offshore passage can bring about life's inspirational changes. At least the magic moments will be savored a lifetime, and perhaps you will gain a totally different perspective of the world and yourself that will contribute to a fuller and richer life because of the pilgrimage.

We Organize Rallies: In 1997 we organized the American fleet for the "Newfoundland Flotilla". Eighty-five boat gathered in St. John's Newfoundland in celebration of John Cabot's 500th anniversary of the discovery of North America. This was five years after Hank sailed to Spain for the "America 500" celebrating Columbus's discovery of the New World. We also involved ourselves in the coordination of the "Millennium's First Sail Rally".

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