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Sparkman and Stevens 1988

OPO e-mail # 20-09 OPOOPO owner and skipper OPOOPO is looking for 3 or 4 crew...

3/25/2020 from SYDNEY to GUAM to JAPAN to PANAMA on a Sparkman and Stevens 1988

OPO e-mail # 20-09 OPOOPO owner and skipper OPOOPO is looking for 3 or 4 crew to join him for the start of his Cruise from Australia to Guam. As he explained to me on the phone this morning from OZ, he would like American crew to at least as far as Guam since they do not have to worry about having proper visas. Sydney to Japan is about 5000 miles. Plan about 30 days or a bit more for the first leg from Australia to Japan with a stop in U OPOOPO But please realize this is not a delivery. The owner/skipper is looking to build up a new crew list for the next long legs to maybe Seattle-Panama and Caribbean. No one wishes to sign up for months at the start, so here is a starter passage. We can send out updates as his route and timetable adjusts to the vagaries of the cruising lifestyle. OPOOPO have delayed adding that this is a 30 meter (yes, meter yacht), perhaps our first really big boat. See YouTube video at the bottom of this e-mail Sammy found out about us from delivery skipper and sent me an e-mail. We spoke this morning and he explains the boat is a Sparkman and Stevens 1988 that he has owned for 9 years and has done 3 long passages already. The name of the boat is “C’est La Vie”. As usual the trip is free and he will cover all the onboard food (Unless he says the crew wants to champagne and caviar all day). You still need to get to and from the boat. (No easy task, but worth it for a long passage.) You have to know how to sail and be able to stand watches. As always just as important, be easy to get along with and a good fit with others. He is not looking to indenture crew but expects the normal code of OPO conduct. If people bring special skills or want to go above and beyond the call of duty he is not against paying for extra effort. If interested please send your sailing resume to XXXXX@XXXX