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St. Maarten
Dominica and back
Swan 46
OPO e-mail # 20-11 OP OPOOPO and OPOOPO OPOOPO Kille decided to buy a Swan 46...

3/11/2020 from St. Maarten to Dominica and back on a Swan 46

OPO e-mail # 20-11 OP OPOOPO and OPOOPO OPOOPO Kille decided to buy a Swan 46 named after sailing a few Swan trips. He named his boat “Thankful”. In fact the boat used to be in our OPOOPO many years ago. He sailed down for the first time in his own boat this past fall, but he has done several offshore passages between the Caribbean and Newport after meeting people through us. He bought the boat two years ago and has done a lot of work the past two summers while living aboard in Jamestown RI. John is a retired OPOOPO and a nice guy. He has one crew already and is looking for another crew or two or a couple. John does a good job describing his plans and offer to join him. Since this is not a delivery and you are going to be cruising on a Swan 46 for almost two weeks it is normal and totally fine by OPO rules to chip in for operating expenses for the cruise and of course have money for things ashore. Since we will also be in St. Maarten and going to Dominica about the same time we will see you when you arrive and some of your stay in Dominica. Here is the crew request in his own words. If interested please e-mail John at XXXXX@XXXX “Looking for 2 additional crew for OPOOPO Week. Would like crew to arrive at the boat on or between the 11th and the 13th of March. Expenses on the boat, food, fuel and custom fees and mooring or dockage will be shared. All expenses ashore are the individual’s responsibility. Would consider 2 individuals or possibly 1 individual and 1 couple. Our itinerary will be to depart no later than the 14th making a stop in Martinique then on to Dominica. I do not plan on staying the full week in Dominica and intend to stop in OPOOPO Saintes and Antigua, possibly St. Barts on the return. I plan on being back in OPOOPO on the 23rd. I would suggest any interested parties not plan a flight before the 24th to be safe. If someone wanted to leave the boat at one of the earlier stops that could be considered so long as it didn’t disrupt anyone else’s plans. I look forward to hearing from any prospective sailors.” Cordially, OPOOPO S/ OPOOPO