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Eleuthera Bahamas
Charleston SC
OPO e-mail # 20-31 Boat owner and licensed captain OPOOPO is looking to put a ...

6/4/2020 from Eleuthera Bahamas to Charleston SC on a Catamaran

OPO e-mail # 20-31 Boat owner and licensed captain OPOOPO is looking to put a crew together to sail back from the Bahamas to Charleston SC. OPOOPO and other islands are starting to open up to allow crew to fly in and move boats north before the start of hurricane season. Peter is new to using our services, but he does a great job of describing his crew request and gives us a lot of information about himself, his boat and how to get to and from the boat. Just what OPO members need to know. Plus as usual, the passage is free with crew paying their own way to and from the boat. If interested please e-mail Peter with your sailing resume to XXXXX@XXXX . He also has a blog at Here is the excellent information Peter included: “I see United has a flight on June 4 from OPOOPO FL to OPOOPO for $219. I’ll be arriving on June 1st and making sure the boat is ship shape. OPOOPO Edward is a 38’ Seawind 1160 lite. It’s a catamaran with a 21’ beam, 4’ draft, 3 cabins and 2 heads. The saloon table can be turned into a berth to create a 4th sleeping area. The boat has a main and jib and two 25 H OPOOPO high thrust engines. The boat was finished in late 2018 and is a 2019 model year. The engines are of the same year. I’m looking for two able bodied sailors at a minimum. Couples sharing cabins could bring the total to 5. The boat has AIS, satellite communication devices, a dingy with both oars and a 6 hp engine. I am well supplied with tools. I am both the captain and the owner with no other crew definite at this time. This will be my 4th crossing of the OPOOPO The first time I sailed to the Bahamas from OPOOPO The second time I sailed from the Bahamas to St. Augustine and then made my way north to OPOOPO The third crossing was part of the OPOOPO OPOOPO sailing from Hampton, VA to Eleuthera’s OPOOPO I’ve taken the US Sailing’s Safety at Sea course, OPOOPO and OPOOPO I’ve taken weather, seamanship, and navigation with the U OPOOPO Squadron. I’m a 6 pack Captain. The boat is both OPOOPO documented and has State registration. It was last safety inspected in 2019 by the U OPOOPO Squadron. The life raft was bought in December of 2018 and I have 2 PLBs. The crew should arrive on or a few days before the 4th of June to get underway on the 6th. The airport to fly into is OPOOPO and from there short land and water taxis will take you to the boat, currently in OPOOPO Eleuthera. The voyage I expect to take 6 days more or less. The crew can make return flights from Charleston at any time. Airlines with a liberal change policy are recommended.