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Annapolis MD
NY City and ultimately to Detroit MI
Seawind 1190 Catamaran

OPO e-mail # 20-37Annapolis MD to NY City and ultimately to Detroit MI - Boat...

6/8/2020 from Annapolis MD to NY City and ultimately to Detroit MI on a Seawind 1190 Catamaran

OPO e-mail # 20-37Annapolis MD to NY City and ultimately to Detroit MI - Boat owner OPOOPO has a Brand New 2019 39” Seawind 1190 Catamaran named “OPOOPO”. The boat was commissioned in January 2020. He is on his journey back home with the boat. He has a full crew of friends as far as Annapolis MD ending next month. He learned about OPO from an OPO member. Our fellow OPO member told me that he is a very nice guy and knows what he is doing. I spoke with him and I would agree. He has owned other boats over his lifetime of sailing. Many years on catamarans. He is looking for two or three crew who wish to join him for a total of no more than 4 crew for all or parts of his passage from Annapolis to NY City and then up the Hudson River and finally to Detroit via the canal system. Crew would meet him in Annapolis about June 8th and make way towards NY City. Some of the plans are contingent with canals openings later this season. The next logical leg would then be from Annapolis to NY City. He is on no set plan and is flexible so may not rush the trip north if crew are in no hurry as well. He adds: “New Seawind 1190 sport easy to see the @ but Pepper was outfitted with a lot of carbon parts to lighten the displacement. The result is a catamaran that is fast, and wait until you see her under a blood red spinnaker!. To keep things light a Takacat tender is on the davits. Two baths and berths for 8 along with full galley adds to the comfort.” If interested please e-mail him at XXXXX@XXXX with your sailing resume. He may be underway and out of internet range for parts of the next few days so please be patient if he does not get back to you within 24 or 36 hours. You can ask him about plans for the entire passage to Detroit, but no one knows for sure when things will be clearer. We can send out an updated “crew request” for him later in the season as things work themselves out. Until then he plan to focus on one leg at a time and make firmer plans as time allows.