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St. Maarten
Swan 56

OPO e-mail # 20-71 Bermuda to St. Maarten - This just in a few minutes ago fr...

11/22/2020 from Bermuda to St. Maarten on a Swan 56

OPO e-mail # 20-71 Bermuda to St. Maarten - This just in a few minutes ago from the full time pro skipper of this Swan 56. He is a very nice skipper and has been on this boat for about 5 years. He is looking for one crew who can fly into Bermuda on short notice and also be able to get tested etc to meet Covid Protocols. It is not as bad as it seems to get tested. The passage is free with all onboard expenses included. If interested please e-mail him right away at XXXXX@XXXX with a copy of your sailing reusme. His e-mail: “ Hi Hank, I have a last minute cancellation of crew (the second cancellation) due to our weather delay. This offers one of your OPO members an opportunity to join us for leg #2 of our trip, from BER to SXM. We intend to arrive in BER on Nov 22 and plan to stay 2-4 days depending on weather. Departure between Nov 24-26. The crew will need to meet all entry requirements for BER (see noonsite or SSCA webinar) and need to cover their own flight to/from. The crew should have some offshore experience as we are doing 2 hr solo watches, including at night. Crew will have their own private cabin. All onboard expenses covered by Captain. No alcohol, no drugs, no smoking/vapes, no exceptions! The boat is a professionally maintained Swan 56 with carbon rig and all the comforts (water making, heater, generator, dodger, autopilot etc.) and safety (EPIRB, Inreach, life raft, Sat Com etc.) you would expect from an ocean going yacht. We will sail with 4 crew total doing 2 ON, 6 OFF solo watches, unless weather justify otherwise. Thanks for posting this request. Hope you had a good trip. CU soon